Warranty terms

Warranty and service

EVskateboards Product Warranty Terms

This warranty terms are suitable only for products sold by official dealers authorized by EVskateboards.com on the official website. We will provide 2-year warranty for the users, who have purchased products. If the product fails when used as recommended, according to the product manual, please send the product together with guarantee card back to our enclosed address. We will provide full after-sales service under warranty scope.

Terms of Service (Starting From Date of Receipt) 

1. 2 year warranty period for whole device, except battery pack and consumables.

2. 1 year warranty period for consumables, including shell parts, motors.

3. 6 months warranty period for battery pack and charger, wheel rubbers.

4. Spare parts can be sold separately as maintenance parts.

5. We are providing lifetime technical consulting service via emails – instructions and videos, etc.

When some quality problem appears, contact us directly, we will provide the necessary cooperation to resolve problem and offer a solution . In case of minor problem, we will guide you to solve it on your own with our remote assistance. If a serious problem appear, defective parts will be replaced or  returned to specialized service centre for repair.

Freight Liability Rules for Repair Parts 

If problem appear within:

1. 7 days after goods received, seller will cover all shipping costs associated with the returning of goods or possibly ship a replacement parts directly to you ASAP.

2. Within 90 days after receipt, each side will pay their part of  transportation costs.

3. Over 90 days but within 1 year warranty, buyer covers the shipping costs covering the transportation.

4. Product repair after exceeding 1 year warranty time, buyer covers all shipping costs of transportation, and also corresponding maintenance cost needs to be paid.


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In a case of fail, caused by improper handling of product, or man-made damage, even before end of warranty time, buyer will cover all shipping costs associated and also full maintenance costs.

In case of any of improper usage mentioned below, The warranty expires with immediate effect.

1. If a problem caused by user and it was caused by usage not in accordance with the provisions of the manual to use, maintenance and adjustment.

2. The problem is caused by self-modification or unauthorized  repair.

3. The problem is caused by storing in improper conditions or damage by accident

4. The problem is caused by long time riding in the rain and soaking in water.

5. Invoice, warranty card, model and serial number are non-conformity or altered.

Warranty Statement 

1. Warranty is only suitable to the Evskateobards.com. For products bought from unauthorized dealers/channels, our company does not provide any liability for warranty.

2. In order to protect your legitimate rights, please don’t forget to ask for warranty card and approval documents during your purchase.

All above terms final interpretation right is belong to EVskatebaords.com.